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Heather Johns CFP®, B.A.(honours)

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Heather used to say that she ended up in the financial planning field completely by accident, but now knows that it was anything but accidental. She has been teaching and training clients for over 15 years in personal finance and wealth management. She works successfully with people of all ages at any stage  of their financial journey. Her role is to guide and coach people, helping them make financial decisions that lead to overall peace of mind.

Heather is passionate about people, and making a difference. She’s committed to providing more than solid wealth management by helping people shift their perspective about financial sustainability in order to experience life from a place of abundance rather than uncertainty and scarcity. Traditional financial wisdom can leave many people overwhelmed and intimidated so her approach begins with looking at the situation from a different starting place.

A graduate of McMaster University, Heather has lived in Bancroft, Ontario since 2000. She has been active in the community in a number of volunteer and financial services capacities over the years, is a past president of the Bancroft and District Chamber of Commerce, and currently is the Music Director at her local church. She enjoys small town life, spending time with family and friends, and is passionate about music the arts and the community.

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