Estate Planning

Translation: After I’m gone …

Wait a minute, don’t start the party yet! An estate plan is not all about death, it should be a living plan that you create today to provide you with assurance that your financial legacy will be passed along according to your last wishes. What exactly is an estate plan? You may have heard the term used frequently and have an idea of what it is about but do you really understand thefinancial benefits it can offer?

As your Financial Advisor, I can provide advice on how to structure your estate plan to minimize unnecessary hassles, and potentially save your executor time and your estate money. I can provide advice on the most tax efficient manner of distributing your assets and even estimate the final tax bill in order to create strategies to minimize the amount that must be paid to the government in taxes. By discussing an estate plan with me today, I can integrate other aspects of your overall wealth management plan and help you structure your present day activities in order to maximize the benefits down the road.

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